review // Charles-Eric Charrier ‘Petite Soeur’

"The album wheels about fixed points, diving in on it’s motifs via virtuosic, patient playing across an armory of instruments... minimalism has never sounded so dynamic."

ep review // Ventures ‘Infinity’

"a journey through certain moments of their lives, and if anything, ‘Infinity’ definitely does exactly that"

review // Shield Patterns ‘Contour Lines’

"Even to someone who’s followed their work quite closely, the depth and richness of the soundworld here is surprising. Make no mistake; this work still fits within the confines of pop, broadly defined... But you’d be a fool to approach this without a good set of headphones."

ep review // Farewell J.R. ‘And Still’

"The Farewell JR sound is more than great production; there’s a real artist behind the epic wall of reverbs and serene shimmers that encompass much of this EP"

review // Duologue ‘Memex’

"Soft as snow but warm and inviting, the carefully-sculpted songs on ‘Memex’ create a coherent, engaging inner world that expands far beyond the records finite length."

review // Her Name is Calla ‘Navigator’

"There’s an emotional maturity here... a mellifluous echo of a record that could take several listens to unfurl. Equal parts triumph and doubt, but in every breath nothing less than monumental."

review // Farao ‘Farao’

"Labyrinthine music to leave on repeat, get lost in, and find yourself again at the center..." Slate tip-toe gently so as not to break the spell surrounding Kari Jahnsen's wintry debut.

review // Subzar ‘Pico’

New concept EP from post-rock / classical quartet Subzar, following on from debut 'I Am Not Yet Here'.


IDLES ‘Brutalism’ – Album Review

When associated with architecture, the term ‘brutalism’ depicts a stark style, characterised by the use of steel and concrete in monumentally large blocks. This... Read More