ep review // Girlpool – ‘Girlpool’

"Los Angeles duo 'Girlpool' are uncompromising and undeterred by the prospect of being shunned by the mainstream in the wake of their occasionally provocative and blunt lyrics"

review // Slushy Guys ‘Swish Swoosh’

"There's a certain casual beauty inherent to this imperfection – like the feeling of being inside on a rainy day with absolutely no deadlines eating away at your brain."

review // Lutine ‘White Flowers’

The spellbinding debut album from Lutine, a Brighton-based group - minimal, fragile and evocative music to sooth your woes.

review // GYMNAST ‘Wild Fleet’

"This is all your fault, GYMNAST. It is late, I am sleepy, and I hate you." Wesley Freeman-Smith reports.

album review // Jaws – ‘Be Slowly’

"Tracks that have been tweaked and engineered since 2012, and even more recent songs make up a desirable full-length of familiar dreamy vocals and unlikely grungy basslines"


IDLES ‘Brutalism’ – Album Review

When associated with architecture, the term ‘brutalism’ depicts a stark style, characterised by the use of steel and concrete in monumentally large blocks. This... Read More