live reviews

live review // Violet Hours & Riverane

“Artisan” merch, psychedelics swirls, and more guitars than you could comfortably wave another guitar at for Violet Woods' album launch.

live review // Johnny Marr at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

"the night's ability to serve as a reminder of the genuine talent Marr possesses and the opportunity to revel in some of the most important songs in the history of British Rock ’n’ Roll is one to truly savour"

live review // Eagulls + Autobahn + The Bodies

"One of the best things about Eagulls’ stellar debut album is the excitement, energy and groove. All of these transpire and excel in the band’s live show."

live review // Rue Royale & The Little Unsaid

"Rue Royale create music to sooth your soul with, and reflect back some of its troubles for consideration. If that's what you're after, there's no doubt the duo's quiet beauty will appeal."

live review // Tom Adams & Gaze is Ghost

"From start to finish, the whole thing was exceedingly beautiful – proof that you don’t need to venture into the city to get high quality music."

live review // Frank Turner at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

"As Turner strutted around the stage in the manner of Freddie Mercury and then hurled himself into the crowd, it was evident that he, and every single person in attendance, had had an absolute fucking blast"

live review // Rob Lynch in Cambridge

"With his sweeping blonde mop hanging across his face, Lynch converses with the crowd throughout, leading them into singalongs where he can and he's instantly likeable"

live review // Steven James Adams in Cambridge

"I left amidst a cacophony of positive energy for Adams and knew as all present knew how lucky we were to witness the start of a beautiful and fruitful new era for Steven"