live reviews

live review // Palace at the Corner House

Whilst their next move is near impossible to predict with a sound layered in warm guitars and brooding melodies we know it’s only upwards for Palace.

live review // Sofar Sounds at The Leper Chapel

The Leaves, Richard Maule, Mara Simpson and Joel Sarakula made a congregation out of August's Sofar Sounds, affirmation live music has a place & high value in the hearts of Sofar audiences.

live review // Camel at Cambridge Junction

"That rock ever went to such a pleasant place is rather wonderful, the only problem is that comfortable nice spaces can make one restless after awhile..."

live review // Nick Oliveri at The Portland Arms

Queens of the Stone Age / Kyuss bass player Nick Oliveri wows the audience and takes requests from his incredible back catalogue in a 90-minute acoustic performance.

live review // The Gerry Colvin Band at Acoustic Routes

"Unflinching as he is in communicating the stark truths of contemporary society, he retains a remarkable freshness about human contact. His banter, even more than his lyrics, displays an extraordinary synthesis of the warm and the sharp."