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in conversation // Best Friends

"It's like building a nice cabinet or something." we chat to Best Friends ahead of their debut album launch

Who are Prison Whites?

"Ennui, lethargy, disillusionment, existentialism, really it's all catharsis"

in conversation // MALKA

"Sometimes I’d write melodies walking down the street, just to the rhythm of my feet"

in photos // Skepta

Skepta headlines this year's Strawberries and Creem day festival

in photos // Lunacre at SHINDIG

Sam Taylor snaps Cambridge's finest at St Paul's Church as part of Saturday's SHINDIG with Real Life Charm.

in conversation // Dead Rat Orchestra

We talk to Daniel Merrill about Tyburnia: Dead Rat Orchestra's major new tour project with filmmaker James Holcombe landing in Cambridge on June 7th.

in conversation // Tellison

"When songs are new I want to play them and enjoy the feeling of having created this exciting, intricate thing out of nothing but five or six brains mushing together"

in photos // True Adventures at SHINDIG

SHINDIG shenanigans in St Paul's Church last Friday with Norwich's True Adventures. Also some shots of Tedor Tea, who provided refreshments.