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in photos // Gaz Coombes

Former Supergrass frontman brings recent Mercury nominated record to the Cambridge Junction

in conversation // Nai Harvest

I don't really wanna be put in a scene anymore, I just want us to be a band that reaches as many people as possible who 'get it'

in photos // Drenge

Band open for The Maccabees at the Cambridge Corn Exchange

in conversation // JAWS

"It's important as long as its natural, the moment you start changing your style up to fit in you’re doomed"

in conversation // Younghusband

"It's refreshing to play songs rather than the same chord for 15 mins whilst wiggling around a delay pedal with your big toe"

in conversation // Splashh

"we wanted to explore working with more sounds and experimenting as a live band"

in conversation // Bully

"That’s probably the most frustrating part of touring all the time, being stressed out because you aren’t working on new material."