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in conversation // The Shadow Committee

Slate catches up with Norwich post-rock / neo-classical improviser Josh Rayman before his Cambridge show on November 14th at St Paul's Church.

in conversation // Years and Years

"everything you've heard since you were born is kind of lodged in your brain and somehow filters it's way into the music"

in conversation // The Subways

"I think in some ways we've returned to the energy & sound of Young For Eternity - looking back at what we love about music & being in a band"

in conversation // Hundred Waters

"It's not particularly dancey. It's more personal. So like getting up on stage and singing about these things to a room of people is a hard thing to understand. But people come."

in conversation // Real Estate

"Recently I have been digging primitive. Somehow it's turned into this beast of a rock and roll improvisational vehicle."

in conversation // Sivu

"I feel a real close connection to my home and do feel there will always be stories in my lyrics about growing up in Cambridge" Slate chat to Sivu ahead of his debut album release

in conversation // Autobahn

"I think Royal Blood are shit, but half the country bought their record right? You win some, you lose some."

in conversation // Gengahr

"It's just mostly when in the studio and we are tracking drums, thinking this part would work really well if it sounded like it came from a J Dilla record or something or if the guitars should sound like a Flaming Lips whacked out solo."

in conversation // Eagulls

"Then I broke my elbow skating so I couldn’t draw and I needed to do something creative so I caved in and joined the band"

in conversation // Dry The River

“We thought we were going to just track it all in a short space of time and I was telling people the album would be out in six months”

INALA preview – in conversation with Ella Spira

"And there isn’t a language barrier, despite the fact they’re speaking a different language there’s no misunderstanding between the performers and the audience"

in conversation // Frank Turner

“Writing a set list is a fine art that I’ve spent a depressingly large amount of my life thinking about” we chat with Frank Turner ahead of his Corn Ex show

in conversation // FAMY

"We Fam Econo is a South of France record. It's what a punk band from South France would sound like." Slate chat to FAMY


Sivu – In Conversation

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Tall Ships – In Conversation

Released last month, ‘Impressions’ is the follow-up to Tall Ships’ acclaimed debut album, 2012’s ‘Everything Touching’, which saw the band championed by the BBC... Read More