in conversation // Fatherson

" was someone’s birthay so the majority of people were there for her party. Not usualy a consideration you have to make!"

in conversation // PUP

"If you are a Canadian man who isn’t a pussy, at some point you will hike or canoe into the wilderness by yourself for at least a week and you won’t see any other people, but you might see a bear or a wolf or a coyote. And then, if you’re me, you also do a bunch of drugs and write songs."

in conversation // Scroobius Pip

"People struggle to put us into any particular genre, but we’ve never sat down and discussed any of this – we’ve just smashed what we do together and stuff seems to come out that feels really strong"

introducing // The Cogo

We catch up with local brothers ahead of their headline Portland Arms show on February 4th

in conversation // Patrick Widdess

Radio DJ, performance poet, photographer and journalist, Slate catch up with Cambridge's community-minded renaissance man in advance of his Jan 18th gig.

in conversation // Leanne Moden

“We were in the Fenland Museum – the death mask of Napolean was sitting there watching us. And a big stuffed albatross. And the original manuscript of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations...”

in conversation // Gnarwolves

We chat about EPs, full length records, first headline tours and progression with Brighton's gnarliest trio

in conversation // Space F!ght

Sci-Fi visuals and sonic experimentation from Poland's electro-acoustic Jazz Ambassadors on their mini UK tour - coming to Cambridge in November.

in conversation // Breedlings

We chat to the Cambridge three-piece who feature former Ill Murray and Dirty Cousin members

in conversation // Big Deal

"We do feel like a new band . It also feels like starting over in a lot of ways and people are still figuring out where to put us."


In conversation with Gold Class

Gold Class’s 2015 debut album, ‘It’s You’, was something of an underground sleeper, seeing the band short-listed for the Australian Music Prize and sending... Read More

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