in conversation // Ezra Furman

"I hope it's something that offers consolation to the broken-hearted people who like fast and slightly messy songs"

in conversation // Fiona Bevan

"I love how it sticks in your brain and you can hum it as you walk along the street or drive or work or cook - pop becomes part of your life"

in conversation // We Were Evergreen

"What we know is that our music definitely evolved by moving out of Paris." Slate chat to We Were Evergreen ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Frett

"We’ve definitely developed the atmospherics and intricateness of the songs. The way stuff interweaves has become more complex which I think, or it definitely feels that way when you play it live" Slate chat to Frett ahead of their Portland Arms show

in conversation // Wildflowers

"I have learnt there is always someone nicer you can work with" Slate chat to Wildflowers ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Michael A Grammar

"It's easy to stick with what you know and what makes you feel comfortable but then there’s no risk or challenge involved"

in conversation // 65daysofstatic

"There’s a bunch of stuff that 65 have done in the last ten years that present-me feels has been an acceptable compromise, that I think ten-years-ago me would have been outraged by"

in conversation // Telegram

"Like a scything laser through cosmic miasma or something, but then swiftly follow that up with, but like... good"

in conversation // Woahnows

"I think the main difference when writing songs now is to write songs with interesting musical bits opposed to trying to turn interesting music bits in to songs."

in conversation // Fred’s House

We chat with Fried's House ahead of their debut tour - supporting the release of their debut album 'Bonnie & Clyde' (April 21)

in conversation // The Heartbreaks

"The debut album was perhaps a little one note... This time we took a lot of different things into consideration, such as dynamics and building a song, and the album as a concept in itself"

in conversation // We Are Scientists

"We didn't even meet as musical friends. I think if you had told us that we'd be making movies together, or something, that would have been far more believable, at the time."

introducing // Gymnast

"An ice cream parlour in Crouch End, inside a shark’s mouth in the middle of the Olympic park, a workers’ co-operative in Leeds..." Slate talk live dates past and future with Gymnast, due to land in Cambridge this Friday.

in conversation // Dumb

"I like to think it has the spirit of Shane Macgowan, the honesty of Pavement and the swag of Kim Deal"

in conversation // Susie Olczak

"I'm talking really pretentiously now, aren't I? Crap. At least I haven't used the word 'juxtaposition' yet..." Slate catch up with the artist behind King's College's multi-coloured facelift.

in conversation // The Wytches

"Kris convinced me once that he sold his soul to the devil. I full on believed him for about 6 hours then he told me it was bullshit."

in conversation // Nothing But Thieves

"You can write a song walking to the shops and hearing a certain policesiren over a low engine rumble or something, anything can make you think of a melody or a mood or a few words."

in conversation // Made in China

"Sometimes one of our members will set up a tower of chairs and other found detritus that’s impossibly high, and try and vault it. This rarely unblocks us creatively, but it’s pretty funny."

in conversation // Rachel Sermanni

"In my first album there were about 10 of us, my dear friends, playing and chipping in. I loved this process. But I was keen to maintain a different type of focus for this one."

in conversation // Rae Morris

"It was like unlocking a secret and i just wanted to keep doing it" we chat to Rae Morris ahead of her Cambridge gig

in conversation // Wooden Arms

"I’m not going to be happy until there’s a whole orchestra in front of me making a racket..." Slate get ambitious with Alex Carson (Wooden Arms' fearless leader) ahead of their new AA-side and Cambridge show.

in conversation // Little Comets

"Uninhibited logic. A power struggle between Mickey's shredded wits and my desire to just give it a try."

introducing // Alicia Catling

"After a few years of playing dreadful Miley Cyrus covers I had a go at writing some songs and haven’t stopped since."

in conversation // Fay Roberts

"The big difference between poetry and prose is the gaps in poetry. It’s not a fully filled-in, photorealistic painting… poetry is a sketch done in shadows."


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