in conversation // Dry The River

“We thought we were going to just track it all in a short space of time and I was telling people the album would be out in six months”

INALA preview – in conversation with Ella Spira

"And there isn’t a language barrier, despite the fact they’re speaking a different language there’s no misunderstanding between the performers and the audience"

in conversation // Frank Turner

“Writing a set list is a fine art that I’ve spent a depressingly large amount of my life thinking about” we chat with Frank Turner ahead of his Corn Ex show

in conversation // FAMY

"We Fam Econo is a South of France record. It's what a punk band from South France would sound like." Slate chat to FAMY

in conversation // Nochexxx

"Other than the sheer love of it, there's not much incentive here to do this sort of thing, it's hard to find an audience nationally" Slate talk to Nochexxx

in conversation // Rob Lynch

"An interactive evening of honest acoustic pop songs exploring themes of finding light in times of darkness" we chat with Rob Lynch ahead of his Cambridge gig

in conversation // Steven James Adams

With a debut solo album out in September and a homecoming show at The Portland Arms on September 3rd, we chat with Steven James Adams

in conversation // Deaf Havana

"I guess not that many young people wanna hear Springsteen/folk influenced rock music" Slate chat to Deaf Havana ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Unclaimed Creatures

"I try to drop the participant into a secret world that's happening alongside the one they're already aware of..." Unclaimed Creatures unfold new vistas for audiences in Cambridge this August.

in conversation // The Whybirds

"Some people might have been expecting Cold Blue Sky II, but they didn’t get that. But we’d undergone a line up change, we’d matured as people, and that obviously came out on the record."

in conversation // Matt Widgery

"The point of the workshop is to show that with a bit of imagination you can start looking at the world in a different way and see beautiful moments you would normally miss..."

in conversation // Ruthie Collins

"When art starts to become institutionalized, that’s when certain demographics within the public can start to lose interest, and they just don’t engage... It’s about making art and creativity feel relevant to everyone."

in conversation // Slow Club

"I think making the records gets easier but releasing them never gets easier" we chat to Slow Club ahead of their Portland Arms show

in conversation // The Pictish Trail

"I never really write about a specific location, but that sense of being ‘home’ is essential for my songs, I think. I’m a bit of a loner, I suppose."

in conversation // Dodgy

"We don't ask for port and brandy anymore, that combo was responsible for a lot of palaver and nonsense"

in conversation // Girl Band

"It was once upon a time a nickname for Alan, somehow it managed to become the band name"

in conversation // Teleman

"It's all in the climb I suppose, because what exactly would the summit represent?"

in conversation // Wolf Alice

"We have been blessed that no one rushed us into it- god knows what it would have sounded like if we'd made it back when people maybe have expected it"

in conversation // Honeyblood

"Shona and I met by chance in a bar one night" slate chat to Honeyblood ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Courtney Barnett

"Songs have the advantage of sitting patiently and being re-worked until they're perfectly frank. I'm no good at spontaneous frankness."

in conversation // San Fermin

"For her, it was easier; she's more pessimistic and sarcastic. Maybe because it's easier to tear something down than build it up." Slate chat to San Fermin ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Ezra Furman

"I hope it's something that offers consolation to the broken-hearted people who like fast and slightly messy songs"

in conversation // Fiona Bevan

"I love how it sticks in your brain and you can hum it as you walk along the street or drive or work or cook - pop becomes part of your life"

in conversation // We Were Evergreen

"What we know is that our music definitely evolved by moving out of Paris." Slate chat to We Were Evergreen ahead of their Cambridge gig


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