in conversation // Palace

"It's hard but you learn to have a kind of tunnel vision. You just have to block out people's perceptions and thoughts' We speak with Palace ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Stealing Sheep

"Finding a musical scale that lures you into an exotic dream" we speak with Stealing Sheep ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Jill Eastland

With Romsey Art Festival 2015 underway we find out more about Rebel Artist Jill Eastland, who'll be cooking rubbish for the festival on Wednesday 7th October.

in conversation // Ian Rawlinson

Second in a series exploring Cambridge's history and memories, Ian Rawlinson's 'TRACE' opens Friday. We catch up with Ian to find out more about it.

in conversation // PINS

"it’s crazy to me how people half way across the world dig our music' we chat with PINS ahead of their Cambridge gig

in conversation // Kid Wave

"Its a big challenge to stay open minded and accepting towards yourself and your creativity" We speak with Kid Wave ahead of their Cambridge debut

in conversation // Balthazar

"people start to expect things from a third album and you wanna live up to those expectations" we talk with Balthazar ahead of their Cambridge date this month

Who is Melody Causton?

"I try to always write about things that anyone can connect to in some way, whether they can relate to the words or just connect to the story" we meet one of East Anglia's finest new artists, Melody Causton

in conversation // Too Cool Kid

"I guess I was at a point where, having been in a number of other bands, I wanted that space to just put down some music exactly as I wanted it without having to grapple over arrangements with others"

in conversation // Skinny Lister

“They just asked us at the gate if there’s any loose women, drugs or alcohol in the van, and I answered honestly…” we chat to Skinny Lister at this year's Folk Festival

in conversation // Show of Hands

“It always has to be the best gig you’ve ever done.” We chat with Steve Knightley ahead of this year's Folk Festival

Who is Paul Liddell?

Liddell plays The Living Room Stage on the Sunday of this year's Secret Garden Party

in conversation // Best Friends

"It's like building a nice cabinet or something." we chat to Best Friends ahead of their debut album launch

Who are Prison Whites?

"Ennui, lethargy, disillusionment, existentialism, really it's all catharsis"

in conversation // MALKA

"Sometimes I’d write melodies walking down the street, just to the rhythm of my feet"

in conversation // Dead Rat Orchestra

We talk to Daniel Merrill about Tyburnia: Dead Rat Orchestra's major new tour project with filmmaker James Holcombe landing in Cambridge on June 7th.

in conversation // Tellison

"When songs are new I want to play them and enjoy the feeling of having created this exciting, intricate thing out of nothing but five or six brains mushing together"

in conversation // Will Varley

"They always feel quite far away and have a life of their own until you begin trying to write it, and then they begin to feel a bit less magical"

in conversation // Lunacre

"We spent a lot of time being a band behind closed doors. What’s really exciting for us is being more out in the open..."

in conversation // Arcane Roots

"So this time round we wanted to kind of reverse engineer the songs, to have a moment that we wanted to achieve live, and then work backwards."


In conversation with Gold Class

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Sivu – In Conversation

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