Doe – In Conversation

Drawing influences from such 90s stalwarts as Sleater-Kinney, Weezer, Helium and Breeders, the London-based trio Doe have spent the last 3 years furiously honing... Read More

Weaves – In Conversation

Weaves’ self-titled LP is already one of the most anticipated debuts of 2016. Building on the promise of their 2014 EP, the record has... Read More

Kate Jackson – In Conversation

Ahead of the release of her debut solo record ‘British Road Movies’, and her forthcoming performance in Cambridge (Portland Arms, May 17th, tickets), former... Read More

Criolo – In Conversation

Criolo has captured the mood of a post-slump pre-Olympics Brazil by combining social commentary with humour. This rapper, composer and urban poet is one... Read More

Holy Esque – In Conversation

"We didn't have a master-plan in terms of our approach, we just wanted to go into a space and make a racket" 11 months ago

Oscar – In Conversation

With a debut record due in May and a Cambridge appearance this month, he chat with Oscar 11 months ago

Teleman – In Conversation

"we already knew we had a better album to make" We chat to Teleman ahead of their double appearance in Cambridge 11 months ago

Banco de Gaia – In Conversation

Ruthie Collins meets electronica hero Banco de Gaia backstage before his Cambridge Junction gig to talk live performance, career advice, new albums and 'Last Train to Lhasa'. 12 months ago

HINDS – In Conversation

"There's a saying about it: 1 Spaniard, 3 opinions" - we talk with HINDS ahead of their Cambridge debut 1 year ago

in conversation // Nai Harvest

I don't really wanna be put in a scene anymore, I just want us to be a band that reaches as many people as possible who 'get it' 1 year ago

in conversation // JAWS

"It's important as long as its natural, the moment you start changing your style up to fit in you’re doomed" 1 year ago

in conversation // Younghusband

"It's refreshing to play songs rather than the same chord for 15 mins whilst wiggling around a delay pedal with your big toe" 1 year ago

in conversation // Splashh

"we wanted to explore working with more sounds and experimenting as a live band" 1 year ago

in conversation // Bully

"That’s probably the most frustrating part of touring all the time, being stressed out because you aren’t working on new material." 1 year ago

in conversation // Gengahr

"I think it's always easy to write about how you are feeling at that moment and It's really difficult to fake it in songs." we speak with Gengahr ahead of their Portland Arms show 1 year ago

in conversation // Palace

"It's hard but you learn to have a kind of tunnel vision. You just have to block out people's perceptions and thoughts' We speak with Palace ahead of their Cambridge gig 1 year ago

in conversation // Stealing Sheep

"Finding a musical scale that lures you into an exotic dream" we speak with Stealing Sheep ahead of their Cambridge gig 1 year ago

in conversation // Jill Eastland

With Romsey Art Festival 2015 underway we find out more about Rebel Artist Jill Eastland, who'll be cooking rubbish for the festival on Wednesday 7th October. 1 year ago

in conversation // Ian Rawlinson

Second in a series exploring Cambridge's history and memories, Ian Rawlinson's 'TRACE' opens Friday. We catch up with Ian to find out more about it. 1 year ago