INALA preview – in conversation with Ella Spira

"And there isn’t a language barrier, despite the fact they’re speaking a different language there’s no misunderstanding between the performers and the audience"

live review // videoHELLO

A quartet of unusual performances congregate in the basement to showcase surrealist film, surrealist words, and unconventional fancy dress.

review // Night Watch Festival at Cambridge Junction

"A performer holding poses of R’n’B album covers, a Canadian girl who read poems in an unflattering leotard, and a fully naked male who tried to 'make being ill look sexy'..." Lisa Buckby went to Night Watch, and lived to tell the tale...
Night Watch at Cambridge Junction, June 14th-15th 2014

preview // Night Watch Festival

A 24-hour marathon of new and original work, delivered by some of the UK's most innovative performers.

watch // Monomania Highlights 2014

Catch all that you missed at Cambridge's first, last, and potentially weirdest art festival Monomania. Shot by up-and-coming film company Brother Bear.

live review // Ben Mellor & Justina Kehinde

"It’s hard to predict what a ‘typical’ night at Hammer & Tongue in Cambridge might entail... Traditionalists, Surrealists, Rappers... Transformers." Daisy T-G reports on the multi-faceted spectacle that is Cambridge's premiere poetry slam.

live review // Monomania

"The festival is a refreshing change to Cambridge’s music calendar, an exercise in non-commercialism and challenging art", Slate spends the day at Monomania...

live review // Made in China ‘Gym Party’

"Made in China strike a perfect balance between comedy and darkness. There are moments of tranquil reflection, bursts of frantic action, and by the end? A stunned silence of revulsion hangs over the room."

in conversation // Made in China

"Sometimes one of our members will set up a tower of chairs and other found detritus that’s impossibly high, and try and vault it. This rarely unblocks us creatively, but it’s pretty funny."

live review // Jean Abreu: Blood

"Jean Abreu makes cavorting about with a bottle of his own piss more elegant than it sounds" - cunningly pseudonym-ed writer Hugh Mungous reports from the frontline...

in conversation // Fay Roberts

"The big difference between poetry and prose is the gaps in poetry. It’s not a fully filled-in, photorealistic painting… poetry is a sketch done in shadows."

in conversation // Patrick Widdess

Radio DJ, performance poet, photographer and journalist, Slate catch up with Cambridge's community-minded renaissance man in advance of his Jan 18th gig.

in conversation // Leanne Moden

“We were in the Fenland Museum – the death mask of Napolean was sitting there watching us. And a big stuffed albatross. And the original manuscript of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations...”