live reviews


live review // Justina Kehinde & Vanessa Kisuule

"His entry onto the stage was fast and frantic... unfortunately he would have been disqualified for using a box of Crunchy Nut cereal..." Nikki Marrone reports. 2 years ago

live review // videoHELLO

A quartet of unusual performances congregate in the basement to showcase surrealist film, surrealist words, and unconventional fancy dress. 2 years ago

review // Night Watch Festival at Cambridge Junction

"A performer holding poses of R’n’B album covers, a Canadian girl who read poems in an unflattering leotard, and a fully naked male who tried to 'make being ill look sexy'..." Lisa Buckby went to Night Watch, and lived to tell the tale... 3 years ago

live review // Ben Mellor & Justina Kehinde

"It’s hard to predict what a ‘typical’ night at Hammer & Tongue in Cambridge might entail... Traditionalists, Surrealists, Rappers... Transformers." Daisy T-G reports on the multi-faceted spectacle that is Cambridge's premiere poetry slam. 3 years ago

live review // Monomania

"The festival is a refreshing change to Cambridge’s music calendar, an exercise in non-commercialism and challenging art", Slate spends the day at Monomania... 3 years ago

live review // Made in China ‘Gym Party’

"Made in China strike a perfect balance between comedy and darkness. There are moments of tranquil reflection, bursts of frantic action, and by the end? A stunned silence of revulsion hangs over the room." 3 years ago

live review // Jean Abreu: Blood

"Jean Abreu makes cavorting about with a bottle of his own piss more elegant than it sounds" - cunningly pseudonym-ed writer Hugh Mungous reports from the frontline... 3 years ago

live review // Simon Munnery & James McKay

"Simon Munnery reminds me of how I imagine Bill Nighy would be at a dinner party..." Performance poetry and stand-up at Hammer & Tongue Cambridge. Daisy T-G reports. 3 years ago

review// Bill Bailey ‘Qualmpeddler Tour’

The charismatic, enigmatic and chaotic comedian brings his latest outing of stand-up, storytelling and musical hi-jinks to the Corn Exchange for an unforgettable night. 3 years ago