Photo of the Week

Matt Widgery grabs a celebratory shot for Cambridge's slam scene and it's 2015 finals at last Saturday's Hammer & Tongue. 1 year ago

preview // Come, Heavy Sleep

Live film & soundtrack installation inspired by sleep paralysis and night fancies; featuring classical guitar performance of works by Britten, Takemitsu, & Ryan. 2 years ago

preview // Time Now For Ghosts

Latest adventure from live arts collective SHINDIG, showing July 25th with performance from Blanche Laviale & Gaze is Ghost. 2 years ago

preview // What Really Happened to the Weekend

Two plays, two missing weekends - probably not for reasons you'd expect. A double bill of entertainly dark theatre coming to a Corpus Playroom near you. 2 years ago

live review // Sally Jenkinson & Daisy T-G

Don't fall in love, lean into it... Listening to Sally Jenkinson was like catching up with an old friend whilst drinking the perfect cup of tea. Nikki Marrone reports. 2 years ago

Preview // Dreaming with Dali at the Corpus Playroom

An exciting and unpredictable performance is expected with the creative team behind it hoping that to dream with Dali is to truly experience the feeling of being freed from those shackles that limit our vision. 2 years ago

in conversation // SHADOWISM

Goshawks are Will Crosby, Jacob Abbott & Chris Brown, and they present SHADOWISM - Saturday December 13th at Anglia Ruskin University. 2 years ago

live review // Justina Kehinde & Vanessa Kisuule

"His entry onto the stage was fast and frantic... unfortunately he would have been disqualified for using a box of Crunchy Nut cereal..." Nikki Marrone reports. 2 years ago