preview // LOTUSLAND in Changing Spaces

New residency with Paul Kindersley and Philip Cornett, using art as a platform of enquiry regarding the assimilation of queer culture within society.

in conversation // SHADOWISM

Goshawks are Will Crosby, Jacob Abbott & Chris Brown, and they present SHADOWISM - Saturday December 13th at Anglia Ruskin University.

INALA preview – in conversation with Ella Spira

"And there isn’t a language barrier, despite the fact they’re speaking a different language there’s no misunderstanding between the performers and the audience"

review // Issam Kourbaj at St Peter’s Church

"Kourbaj cares about the individual, about the broken books and the crooked backs of his mother’s letters. He thinks about the light within the church, and the journey along the path up to it, he thinks of perspective and of texture."

preview // SOUND & VISION 22.08.14

N. Irish composer Gaze is Ghost soundtracks a film by Cambridge artist Karl Dmitri Bishop; support from London ambient guitarist Stereocilia.

preview // SOUND & VISION 15.08.14

Artiom Barkun, Mouth and Tom Adams for round 2 of Romsey's SOUND & VISION Festival, TONIGHT at CB2 Cafe.

in conversation // Unclaimed Creatures

"I try to drop the participant into a secret world that's happening alongside the one they're already aware of..." Unclaimed Creatures unfold new vistas for audiences in Cambridge this August.

in conversation // Matt Widgery

"The point of the workshop is to show that with a bit of imagination you can start looking at the world in a different way and see beautiful moments you would normally miss..."

in conversation // Ruthie Collins

"When art starts to become institutionalized, that’s when certain demographics within the public can start to lose interest, and they just don’t engage... It’s about making art and creativity feel relevant to everyone."

review // Night Watch Festival at Cambridge Junction

"A performer holding poses of R’n’B album covers, a Canadian girl who read poems in an unflattering leotard, and a fully naked male who tried to 'make being ill look sexy'..." Lisa Buckby went to Night Watch, and lived to tell the tale...


Celebrating Syd – behind Coda

This month sees Cambridge Live celebrate one of Cambridge’s brightest musical sons. The celebrations consist of the unveiling of the commemorative artwork for Syd... Read More