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Track by Track: MAUVE ‘Pulled Apart’ EP

Despite the husky highland vocals of their Scots frontman, MAUVE hail from London and Cambridge and have already brought their fuzzy alt/pop/rock hybrid sound to venues, studios and radio-shows across the South East of England. This eclectic three-piece formed in early 2017: after members of their previous band left to pursue other avenues, Steve (Vox/Guitar) and Ben (drums) spent nine months locked in rehearsal rooms breaking drumsticks, snapping guitar strings, and sending back and forth hundreds of iphone voice notes as they took on song-writing from a fresh new perspective.
Along with bassist Ieuan, previous band-mate and long-time friend, they were ready to complete their line up. The result: a debut 6-track E.P titled “Pulled apart” recorded at Valhalla Studios with award-winning producer Dan Lambert, and here, the band talk us through each track of the record.
The debut title-track “Pulled Apart” has already been well received: described as ‘anthemic and accomplished’ by Tom Simkins (BBC Introducing). MAUVE have received weekly airtime. Drawing influences from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Turnover, Xcerts, Tiny Moving Parts and Black Foxxes, this debut E.P. showcases the band’s new-found dynamic. Tracks such as “Pulled Apart” and “128” deliver huge guitar-driven anthemic choruses, littered with pop vocal hooks and further complemented with melodic and intricate verses. “Initiate” and “Falter” demonstrate the band’s desire to write more emotive and musically dynamic songs, with impassioned lyrics resonating beyond the first listen. MAUVE deliver simplistic yet punchy rock songs that have catchy, pop-soaked melodies throughout and are set to make waves in 2019 with a live acoustic session with BBC Introducing, a debut UK-wide tour and some festival slots already lined up.

‘Pulled Apart’ – The title track of the E.P., Pulled Apart is about the confusion and contradictions when a relationship breaks down, and the realisation that to save it will require personal sacrifice.

‘128’ – Pretty much just a stream of the disjointed thoughts, this song comes from trying to analyse what motivates the actions of those around you, ultimately, none of which make sense.

‘Familiar’ – Somewhere between teenage angst and reflective introspection, this song describes the constant reliance on attainment and superficial success to try and cover up a deeper sadness.

‘Falter’ – This was actually the first song I wrote, sat on the end of my bed, aimlessly staring out of the window. I was having a bit of relationship trouble (again…), so I tried to collect those thoughts in a song over some chords I had been mulling over for a while.

‘Initiate’ – This song is about being stuck in a moment, when your thoughts just seem to spiral uncontrollably and all you can focus on are your physical sensations in that moment and the mistakes that led to this point.

‘Out To Sea’ – This was the first song we recorded as an acoustic demo for MAUVE. Out to Sea is about trying to understand the deeper underlying issues surrounding the self-destructive tendencies of someone close to you