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Open Mouth to re-release debut album


Former Miss Black America/Horse Party guitarist Seymour Quigley’s is set to re-release his first solo album, ‘Import/Export’ under the moniker Open Mouth.

Originally released in 2007 by legendary Cambridge-based indie label R*E*P*E*A*T Records, ‘Import/Export’ is now available via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer; a CD version is also available via mail order (with immediate download) via the Sturm Und Drang Recordings Bandcamp page.

Seymour Quigley was the lead singer of Miss Black America from 1999-2006. As that band unravelled, Seymour booked some studio time simply because he couldn’t think what else to do. The result was ‘Import/Export’, a 12-track album which fizzes with rage: rage at an illegal “war on terror” that ordinary people had been powerless to prevent, and rage at himself for giving seven long years of his life to a band/obsession which had ultimately left him broke, homeless, alcoholic and clinically depressed. Dubbing the project ‘Open Mouth’ (in reference to a lyric by Carina Round, a huge influence at the time), Seymour embarked on a UK tour to promote the album, during the course of which he realised that he hated playing solo and never wanted to do it again.
Seymour has since gone on to perform/record with Ten City Nation, Greg McDonald, The Blazing Zoos, You Killed Me First, Lewis Mokler (Huntar), Horse Party and Kate Jackson, and founded tiny indie labels Pure Deadly and Sturm Und Drang Recordings.