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Mothers reveal new song – new album due in September


Mothers have revealed new song, ‘Pink’. The track is taken from the new album, ‘Render Another Ugly Method’ which is due in September.

“’Pink’ deals with the passage of time,” explains Mothers lead singer and songwriter Kristine Leschper of their new song from upcoming sophomore album Render Another Ugly Method, coming out September 7 on ANTI- Records. “It describes a series of memories within cars – cars of my childhood, recent past, and present – and subsequent feelings of childlike removal and helplessness. The video aims to reciprocate these three vignettes of idling, through limited actions and minimalist set design divided into three parts.”

Now based in Philadelphia, Mothers originated in Athens, Georgia where Leschper was attending printmaking school. In 2016 they released their debut album ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ to great critical acclaim.