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Kerry Devine Announces Debut Album ‘Away From Mountains’


Cambridgeshire musician Kerry Devine has announced that her debut album ‘Away From Mountains’ will be released on May 11th.

Following the release earlier this year of her atmospheric Work You video here and the ethereal Vehicle, released as a double a-side single with Maija Sofia, Kerry Devine announces details of her forthcoming debut album ‘Away From Mountains’, out on 11 May via Trapped Animal.

Devine has also shared the album’s stirring title track Away From Mountains as a digital single, with the track also being available as an instant gratification download on all pre-orders of the long-player via iTunes.

The ‘Away From Mountains’ long-player is profoundly inspired by the Fenland landscape and the stillness and history that inhabit the ancient and wild fens in the East of England. As Devine expands:

“When you’re there and you’re still you can hear so many different sounds, so many different layers, so I wanted to create something that sounded like that, that had the depth and the richness but also very sparse. This place comforts me, I wanted to create a kind of sound womb that the listener could come into and be comforted too.”

Recorded live in the stillness of night in an empty Northamptonshire church the album exudes a haunting quality. Inspired by artists such as John Martyn, Devine’s ethereal vocal – which has raised comparisons to Beth Orton – is used as an instrument, interweaved with simmering strings and acoustic guitar. A self-proclaimed audiophile ‘Away From Mountains’ also includes samples of nature and sounds of human existence such as trains pulling up and old barrels being played as drums.

Lyrically nature is omnipresent throughout ‘Away From Mountains’, often used as subtle metaphors for Devine’s own inner conflicts married with themes of nostalgia, death and rebirth and the passage of time. Lines in the Landscape, for example, chronicles how the Fenland fields once belonged to the sea, but since banishment by drainage there’s a foreboding sense of pull-push between land and water. In parallel, the song deals with unrequited love, of falling for someone who isn’t falling for you and the sense of being stuck in an emotional no-man’s land just like the water. Closed Roads deals with the death of a friendship and also the aging and dementia of Devine’s Grandfather with reflections on the cycle of life.