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In conversation with INHEAVEN ahead of their Cambridge gig


The feedback-strafed, guitar-shredding INHEAVEN make Pixie styled, riotous, anthemic and bristling pop music. They released their debut album last year to a flurry of praise which cemented them as one of the most exciting emerging bands around. Their Portland Arms gig on February 1st (tickets) will be their first headline appearance in Cambridge having previously opened for Circa Waves at the Junction last year. In anticipation of the show, we chatted with Chloe Little…

Where in the world are you and what’s the view?
A dark studio with a lovely view of lots of guitars.

You’ve played a few times in Cambridge but your show on the 1st is your first headline one here, how are you feeling about it and what differences do you find between opening for someone else and your own shows?
We had a great show here supporting Circa Waves, but it’s always more satisfying doing your own shows. When you are headline you are expected to give the crowd so much more, and that’s what we try and do!

You guys have been touring a lot in the past two years. What’s the best and the worst part about being on tour?
It’s mostly all great. We love getting to visit new places, it’s a real privilege to be able to do this full time. I guess the downside of it is the bad food you have no choice but to eat at service stations.

Can you tell me a little bit about the origin story of the band? It started with a video, right?
It started with a looping clip of flashing images I made, I gave it to James and he wrote Regeneration over the images in the space of an afternoon. That’s when we decided this should be a band rather than a bedroom experiment.

2017 was a pretty sweet year for you guys, any particular highlights?

Putting our debut album out has to be top of the list. We also played some amazing shows, The John Peel Stage at Glastonbury was a big one, so was Reading and Leeds.

How did you find the reception to your album release?
It was great to hear so many people enjoyed the album. We are very proud of what we created, so hearing how it resonated with so many people is amazing.

What was the creative process like for this record? And how important is creative control to the band?
We have creative control of every aspect of the band, the 4 of us make everything that you see. Every video or piece of art we put out as an extension of INHEAVEN, so we couldn’t have it any other way.

How far do you think you’re shaped by your influences when producing your music?
It’s impossible to not be influenced by your heroes, but we are trying to create our own world, our own sound, and our own identity.

What was the hardest track to finish on the album?

The whole album was actually really easy. James has a very strong vision of how he wanted it to sound, and it came together quickly.

Some of the tracks on the album were 4 or 5 years old, as a band how do you avoid fatigue towards your older material?
Playing them live always keeps it fresh, plus we truly love our own music so it’s fun to watch audiences react to a song you’ve written.

Are you the type of band who are constantly thinking about new material or are you going to wait until all touring is done before considering anything else?
We are already working on album 2! Watch this space.

After doing this interview, INHEAVEN shared the new track, ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’

Julian Casablancas released ‘Regeneration’ on his Cult Records label in the States, has there been any conversations with him? Has he offered any advice?
It was an internet love affair, hopefully we will meet him when we go to the States and he can give us some advice.

What plans do you have for 2018?
This UK tour, then our first American tour, plus lots of new music.

Hypothetically you’re going to DJ a disco for us, what is your go to dance-floor filler tune?
R.E.M It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

INHEAVEN play The Portland Arms on February 1st
INHEAVEN’s debut album is out now


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