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Wooden Arms to play Cambridge in December


With their sophomore record ‘Trick of the Light’ out today, Wooden Arms have announced they’ll play Cambridge this December. You can get tickets for their 13th December Portland Arms show here.

Alongside the album release Wooden Arms have also shared the single ‘Lost In Your Own Home’. The single is a concise little amble through the mind of a once 21 year old Alex Carson first experimenting with psychotropic drugs in a confined space after unceremoniously leaving the familial home due to religious differences. Carson was living in 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot room. A perfect cube, in a converted mental hospital in central Norwich, and felt this was the best time to experiment with psychedelics. Carson writes: “My 21st Birthday being a culmination of all those things. I remember being haunted by shadows at night, not quite knowing what was reality and what was a dream. I wasn’t on quite that self-destructive a path as the scenario suggests, it was far more middle class and civil than that. But this song epitomises the banality of real life mixed with my juvenile attempts at trying to come to terms with a massive life change… whilst also taking drugs and losing my mind.”