Preview. Nick Mulvey at the Cambridge Junction


One of the most anticipated gigs of the month is the return of Nick Mulvey. Local lad done really good Nick Mulvey returns to the Junction on the 16th with his new record in tow. Tickets here.

‘Wake Up Now’ is Mulvey’s sprawling sophomore solo record and the follow up to his Mercury Prize nominated debut from 2015. The record is filled with great leftfield rhythms, harnessing an exquisitely natural guitarist doing extraordinary things, painting unique colours across a very moreish collection of songs.

‘Wake Up Now’, an album rooted in conscience, was produced by Ethan Johns at Real World Studio’s who recorded Mulvey and his band live and at their most raw to reinforce that key community spirit. That sense of community was further drilled home by Brian Eno, who in a few pre-recording sessions implored Mulvey to open up more and consider sharing the workload. The idea of opening himself up has filtered into Mulvey’s lyrics: once swathed in metaphor upon metaphor, they’re now at the heart of this record’s identity.