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The Kominas play Cambridge


Thursday night sees The Kominas play The Blue Moon, tickets on sale here.

The Kominas began in 2005 as self-styled exemplars of situationalist punk. Their dance-oriented sound is a wild blend of 1977-era hardcore, reggae, Punjabi folk tunes, surf rock, disco, and dub. The musicians, Americans of South Asian heritage, sing in Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi as well as English. Their lyrics proclaim a bold political awareness, with broad streaks of humor, outrage, and the absurd; the songs are meant to catalyze change in the predominantly white culture while simultaneously fostering a safe and fun space for listeners of color. The Kominas have toured widely in the US, Canada, and Europe, and their recordings and a video session for the BBC have won the group many fans in South Asia. According to the band, “The Kominas aren’t from this world but they’ve learned to deal with its problems. They’ve been described as weird brown guys in a punk band, but really they are just trying to help themselves feel better. Maybe they can help you too.”