Howling Bells’ Juanita Stein will play in store at Lost In Vinyl on Saturday 29th July. Later in the day Stein will be at Cherry Hinton Hall playing the Folk Festival but will perform at the Magdalene Street store first at 1pm.

Stein, who is already well known as the singer-songwriter with Howling Bells, recorded the album with Gus Seyffert (Beck, Ryan Adams) in Los Angeles, and I’ll Cry gives an alluring glimpse into the record. Stein has also just announced a brace of UK shows, in Brighton (1st August) and London (2nd Aug) to coincide with the album’s release on July 28th.

An evocative and beautiful record, Stein’s honeyed voice weaves stories of heartbreak and optimism, the songs on the LP tell tales of characters real and imagined, Stein’s own experiences woven amongst them.

Juanita Stein grew up in Sydney with her parents and twin brothers. Her first studio recording was aged five, singing on a song of her father’s, and Peter Stein in fact wrote one of the songs on the album, the country music-drenched Cold Comfort.

Stein formed Howling Bells with her brother, Joel, and friends when they moved to London together in 2004. Four acclaimed albums followed, along with headline tours and festival shows around the world, and huge support dates including several US tours with Coldplay and The Killers. A break from Howling Bells around the arrival of her first child saw the first shoots of her solo work start to emerge, and now we find ourselves here. America, an unpredictable place, forever bound up in a uniquely widescreen hope and romance