Leeds Psych Grunge band WEIRDS were in Cambridge last week opening for The Wytches (gig review here). With the show and a debut record on the way we decided to send Ellie Clarke to have a pre-gig chat with the band…

Welcome to Cambridge! Have you been here before?
No never, I think Aidan might have been here before but when he was like 5 or something. It’s pretty isn’t it, lots of nice bridges and stuff. Isn’t there a colloquial term for a park here? Called ‘piece or something like that’? We’ve got the morning, we might go for breakfast. Duck eggs on an English muffin or something like that.

What do you think of the venue and how does it compare to other cities?
It’s cool, yeah really small, we like that. Sounds good in there as well. Loud. Which is good. We need that. Sometimes in small venues they have sound problems which is a bit shit and never fun to play, but yeah this is nice.

It’s half the fun of the tour, getting to see lots of places that you wouldn’t. I think on this tour we’ve enjoyed playing Manchester a lot too. Manchester was a lot bigger so it’s nice to be able to go and do that and then come back and do some small ones again. The Wytches have a really loyal following everywhere they go so it’s good to be able to see what all that’s about.

What’s your most fun thing about gigs?
Energy. We’re a live band, it’s what we love doing the most, so we try to make our shows as much of an energetic experience as possible. But it’s not planned out, we just do what feels right. When the crowd are reacting to it better than say if they’re just stood there it kind of drives us a bit more but we try and give the same level of energy no matter what.

Are there any songs you particularly enjoy playing?
The last two. I think you know you’re over the threshold there. You’re over the hump and you don’t have to hold back. You’re not in the dangerzone of peaking too early. Weird songs, but really good ones to play because live we extend them a lot and add stuff in.

But no all of them really! We just do like them all. Yeah it’s not like we hate the start haha. Phantom’s fun. It’s one of the poppier songs. Probably the poppiest song we’ve written so I guess people seeing that in a live scenario can relate to that maybe a bit more than some of our other stuff which is maybe a bit more kinda weird in structure. Not saying that they don’t relate to that too of course.

Swarmculture is out 12th May. Tell us a bit about the album
I think people might be quite surprised by the album because there’s a softer side to it. We recorded it last year in April, so round about a year of the whole process of signing a deal and getting it all in place. We did it with Matt Peel who’s done Eagulls, and a couple of Pulled Apart By Horses stuff, and Bad Breeding which is cool.

Looks like you’re David Lynch fans, are there any visual elements to your band?
The visual side of stuff is very important for us. It’s in many ways equal to the music for us, depending on how you look at it. We don’t seek to emulate anything that David Lynch has done we just have our own ideas and go with them.

It’s important to have your own side of that stuff for us especially. It’s that way of getting yourself that step above others maybe, cos if a band has bad artwork it kinda puts you off. When it comes together as a cohesive whole, like if you see something you like and then listen to something you like, it just goes well together. The singles and the album artwork for this record is all snake based so we’re really keen on having a cohesive theme across everything. Even our merch and stuff has snakes and it’s all kind of reflected to the music.

Will we see you at any psych fests this year?

You might! We’ve got some stuff in loop, in fact, something very exciting came in only yesterday but hasn’t been officially announced yet. Yeah, watch this space!

Your Facebook got taken over today!
Ah yeah, that was just the biggest… It’s just not what you want to happen! No one really knows what’s happening with it at this point. Our record label and manager and all that are speaking to actual people at Facebook to try and get it sorted out and they’re fairly hopeful.

Facebook as well for small bands like us, or I guess most bands, it’s an indicator of your reputation. It sounds stupid but a lot of hard work goes into your social media as a band, so having that completely taken away from you is not really a nice feeling. We’ve got instagram and Twitter and all that kinda stuff so that’ll be good for the time being.

Whose Facebook profile would you take over?

No one’s, it’s not a nice thing to do! Honestly.

Although, on what grounds are we taking it over? Is it a malicious takeover, or is it just “I’ll take care of this?” We wouldn’t wish this on anyone really but if I had to make a choice I guess, I dunno, Donald Trump or something like that. Wouldn’t feel bad for Theresa May! Just delete. EDL and all that stuff, just delete. Just anything that’s really shit.

But not Weirds, we didn’t do anything wrong! Not anyone that works hard for their social media presence. All we want to do is put an album out.