Treasurereason return with ‘The Rush’

new music Duo set to release new EP 'XY' on 19th Jan

Treasurereason are back with new music after a break for the past couple of years. The duo, consisting of Dave Powell (production) and Cambridge vocalist Jess Bartlet, will release their new EP ‘XY’ on January 19th.

Ahead of the release the pair have shared the dreamy pop cut ‘The Rush’. Of the track, Bartlet who wrote the melody told us that the aim was to produce an “Upbeat 80s inspired track, with a hint of melodramatic vocals. There’s some darkness and untold drama in its rich and grooving core”

The hiatus was brought on by Powell’s travelling the world and recording field recordings so the duo have been writing when they can. They might have taken their time but the wait was well worth it.

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