Penned by slam poetry luminaries Nikki Marrone, Uppahar Subba and Tim Knight, and soundtracked by photographer-come-pianist Matt Widgery, new album ‘Poetry and Piano’ is set to debut January 31st.

Inspired by a series of film sessions shot in 2016, the 7-track album snapshots live improvisations between the four. With a background in blues, rock and jazz piano, Widgery tracks the words by instinct as they’re spoken, the poets in turn leaning into the rhythms and melody. The recordings were approached candidly – no music was pre-written, and no two takes were the same – so it’s about as punk as a Cambridge poetry album can be. Released through interdisciplinary gig purveyors SHINDIG, the record comes with a pamphlet of page poetry, a nifty set of postcards from photographer Josh Murfitt, and of course a copy of the album.

Listen to single ‘Axiom of Maria’ below; a gorgeous group collaboration that by the power of music travels through acapella mantra into haunted, hopeful elegy.

The album drops on Tuesday 31st of January, with a free entry launch party starting 9pm at La Raza. Pre-order your copy here.