Clock Opera will bring their new record ‘Venn’ to Cambridge in February, the band play The Portland Arms on February 22nd, tickets on sale here.

After a three-year hiatus, Clock Opera will release their long awaited second record ‘Venn’ on February 10th. Early tracks hint that the record will be a darker beast than their 2012 debut ‘Ways to Forget,’ the distinctive sound of Clock Opera — the agile alto voices, a sleek and supple rhythm section, immaculate production — is still present, but there’s a marked shift in lyrical tone. Vocalist Guy Connelly explains that “A lot of the album is about loss, absence, holes, haunting, questioning identity,” explains Connelly. “To be specific, the majority of the songs were inspired by a miscarriage. A lot of the others were driven by the fallout from it.” Although a darkly cerebral and grief-ridden record in theme, ‘Venn’ is as uplifting as it is sinister and ghostly, menacing and euphoric in equal measure. It’s an album named for “the intersection, the shared part, the hole in the middle.”