Los Campesinos! have announced details of their new album. ‘Sick Scenes’ is the band’s sixth album and will be released on February 24th. The record will be the band’s follow up to ‘No Blues’ which was released back in 2013.

The first song lifted from the album is entitled I BROKE UP IN AMARANTE. it’s emergence explained thus,

Gareth: “The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myself constantly drunk in the blistering heat of Amarante while being failed by a largely terrible international football tournament”.

Tom: “In March 2016 I went to Melbourne to produce a record for a band called Ceres. We went super deep on the details and textures for their album, but it was the songs themselves that left me with a hunger to do something with a similar energy. I’d had the chorus sitting around for years, but it was only when I had the idea to use it as a major-key payoff to a minor verse that it made sense, and played over a loop of a distorted bowed saw, it all came together really quickly”.