Heady, intoxicating and highly addictive, Honeyblood’s live performance gifts a sweet taste in your ears that leaves you wanting more. Following the success of their eponymous debut album ‘Honeyblood’ in 2014, the Glaswegian indie rock duo brought “messy Monday” to Cambridge Junction this week whilst touring their new album, the heroically named ‘Babes Never Die’.

Combining the candyfloss vocals of leadsinger and guitarist Stina Tweeddale with the clarion clangour of new drummer Cat Myers and their electronic black box Sebastian, Honeyblood oozed a syrupy nectar noise set laced with sandpaper grunge and bass-ass attitude. More deafening, angsty and raucous sounding than their recorded tracks, the real-life live versions of the Scottish duo played a 1-hour set of mostly new, though with some pleasingly old and familiar, songs to a backdrop of swirling projections.

With lyrics like “scumbag sleeze / slimeball grease / you really do disgust me” (Super Rat) and “teething pains are meant to fade when incisors pierce through. / When mother nature planned for age, she must’ve forgot about you” (All Dragged Up), the band blended black humour, cutting comments and American Sweetheart into a peanut brittle candy bar: both crunchy and sweet.

The playfulness of their songs also seeped into their live performance, constantly bantering with the audience and jamming some catchy improv jingles about Honeyblood-branded t-shirts, badges and their merch woman Hazel (who even made a cameo). Listening to Honeyblood live was like lying in a warm lake of melted caramel enveloping your eyes and ears as it starts to bubble, boil and burn. What the band lacked in razor-sharp edge and a slight tendency towards samey-ness, they made up for with relentlessly hookable riffs and a sunny-angry-feel-good-hate-you-all attitude. It was an hour of playful, fun, inoffensive chill girl punk that you can’t help but like and grrrr along to.

Words from Anna Millward