Currently writing their third album in a secure location, Joanna Gruesome are planning on taking a break from a relentless schedule of séances, psychic ceremonies and moonlight rituals to undertake a string of UK shows, including a date here in Cambridge. The Welsh fuzz-pop band play The Portland on Sunday 2nd October, with tickets on sale here.

The band recently leaked two singles from their Peanut Butter period. Songwriter Owen Williams explains: “While I was writing Peanut Butter, Saturn transitioned into retrograde and for obvious reasons I ended up losing two songs. We’ve recently managed to unearth them, record them and press them onto a 7″ single.”

Starting out in the early 2010s, this six-piece began recording and playing out live, taking their band name from an especially bratty pun on indie harpist Joanna Newsom’s name and making music that bore no common threads to hers whatsoever, opting instead for the influence of the C-86 scene and buried shoegaze guitar tones rather than literary folk modes. The group released several singles and EPs before their abrasive and melodic debut, Weird Sister, arrived on Slumberland Records in late 2013.