Slacker indie rock ain’t dead. With hints of the Breeders or Helium leaking through, Doe’s debut full length is vitriolic and abrasive. Captured by Matthew Johnson (of Hookworms) at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, ‘Some Things Last Longer Than You’ is rudimentary in the best possible sense. Ten tracks, minimal post production, just pure alt-rock displayed in the most organically angry way.

The intrinsic ingredient layered amongst the weighty drum sound and the temperamental guitars is the craft of harmony. Vocal hooks that mark you in such tracks like ‘Sincere’, ‘No One’ and ‘Last Ditch’ show the duelling girl-boy vocals sitting atop crunchy intertwining guitars.

The lyrical themes dart from scathing and contemptuous (on tracks like ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Sincere’) along to the thoughtful and introspective (‘Anywhere’, ‘Before Her’). “Are we ever really capable of change?” Nicola Leel cries on ‘Last Ditch’. Despite the nonchalant, slack garage sound backing her sentiment, it still comes through as emotionally distressed. It’s like Diet Cig blended with Dilly Dally. Angsty and strident, with the undercurrent of haunting sentiment.

For a three piece lacking a bass player, this band administers a powerful kick. Doe continue to prove with this album that they are perfectly fine without one, and deliver a fine collection of songs that stands strong on its own Converse-adorned feet, against the leaders in the slacker indie rock generation.

Doe play Cambridge on September 25th, info here

Doe ‘Some Things Last Longer than You’ is out September 9th
Words by Jack Stevens