Grieving see in the release of their debut EP by hosting a night at The Blue Moon on July 30th.

Grieving are without doubt one of the most exciting new bands from Cambridge this year, playing direct, twisting art-punk. Their material has already been picked up well beyond Cambridge with their first demo was debuted by tastemakers The FADER and their second track – the raw, dual vocalled post-hardcore / 90’s indie-rock of “Ownership” – saw them pick up their first Radio 1 play from Dan P Carter.

In debt to the likes of Les Savy Fav, Television, Bear vs Shark, Dismemberment Plan, Fugazi and elsewhere the lo-fi pop and fully charged punk of Guided By Voices, Samiam, The Lemonheads, Bob Mould etc. Grieving have so far shared three distinct offerings online, firstly, the anxious, anthemic indie-punk of “No Sleep”, then the more angular crunch of “Ownership” and the contemplative melody of “My Friend, The Ghost”. All 3 will feature on the band’s debut EP ‘Demonstrations’ which is out on July 29th and complemented by a launch show on July 30th.

The EP launch show has support from Goldblume and a first show from new Cambridge hardcore punks Gutters.