Once in a while you come across a band whose music stands out for all the right reasons and demands to be listened to. On repeat. Right now Grieving are that band.

If you follow the local scene at all you’ve no doubt heard of these guys by now, as their meteoric rise has seen them go from their first shows at the beginning of the year, to getting airplay on Radio 1, and high praise from media outlets and DJ’s across the nation. With the release of their debut EP it’s clear to see just why that hype is so rightly deserved.

Four of the five tracks on Demonstrations have made their way out into the world before it’s release, but still sound as vital and urgent as ever as the EP rockets by. The opening pairing of ‘My Friend, The Ghost’ and ‘Ownership’ show the dual sides to Grieving’s personality, with the former showing off their more melodic sensibilities, before following it up with the punchy and riff-driven second track. The songs hook you straight from the start and the angular guitars and wavering vocals hark back to bands like Braid, Texas is the Reason and even shades of At The Drive-In – influences the band wear on their sleeve, but don’t lean upon heavily enough to not forge their own identity.

Following with the blinding ‘No Sleep’, which features some Kinsella-esque guitar noodling, the band rattle through hooks and dual vocals with the ease of a group far further into their career. ‘Little Armoured’ slows down down very briefly, before coming back in with a huge ending, showing again the band’s kinship with their forefathers from El Paso and the oft overlooked, but incredibly influential, Pretty Girls Make Graves.

New track ‘Warmest Jets’ closes out the EP in a more straightforward indie-pop fashion, but wouldn’t feel out of place among such great company as found on a Frame and Canvas, or Diary.

Despite all of the complimentary comparisons to their predecessors, Grieving are certainly carving their own sound, even this early into their career. Demonstrations is an electrifying, powerful and lasting release, which feels fresh and exhilarating with every listen.

With Demonstrations, not only do Grieving prove that they are the most exciting new band in Cambridge right now, I’d say they’re the most exciting in the entire country – and I cannot wait to see where they go next.

‘Demonstrations’ is released on July 29th
Grieving will play The Blue Moon on July 30th (EP release show) and September 23rd with The New Tusk

Words by Craig Hardy