Cambridge outfit Too Cool Kid have shared their newest offering, ‘Drained’. The stand alone track is the first to be recorded with our full band lineup of Jay Plent (guitar, vox), Ross Shelley-Pilsworth (bass, also in Cambridge band Meet me at Dawn), and George Addison-Atkinson (drums). It was done with the assistance of engineer and former Cambridge resident, Matt Cooke at University of Surrey, and mixed by the band.

The song delves into the collapse of a friendship/relationship, the central idea being how people can take a lot from you, secrets, memories, whatever, and keep it for themselves, take it away from you, leaving you drained, without anything. ‘Drained’ is driven by the aggression of the main riff and frontman Plent explains that, “the really bluesy, angular feel just lent itself to a song of this kind, and when the three of us jammed it out, it really brought together a feel and a sound that we as a band feel plays into all of our strengths”.