Gina Leonard has shared the video for her new single, ‘Playing Dead’. The track is the first to be lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘Heat’ which is comprised of 4 tracks. ‘Heat’ will be Leonard’s first proper EP release following a string of DIY demos and is out on July 20th. ‘Playing Dead’ introduces us to Leonard’s interesting, tangled folk which is both contemporary and beautiful in its delivery.

The song ‘playing dead’ is inspired by Leonard’s move back home to Cambridgeshire. Leonard told us that, “I was living in the center of Bristol with 3 Australian housemates squeezed into a 2 bedroom flat, working full time in a recruitment company and going out a fair bit. Then I moved home just before xmas to live with my parents in a tiny village village in the middle of nowhere. I have been living a pretty weird lifestyle, spending a lot of time home alone just playing guitar and writing (alongside doing up the house for some money). Even though it has been lonely at times, I’ve really enjoyed getting away, and for the first time, fully focusing on music.

The video for playing dead was made by Leonard, her sister and her friend. It was filmed using a go pro and takes inspiration from the lyric ‘the storm’s eye is still open, wind is stroking the walls outside’ with images of weather and stormy seas projected to represent the world Leonard is shutting out.