Wysing Arts Centre announce Polyphonic, 7th Annual Music Festival 2016

Festivals Slated to return Saturday July 2nd, Wysing's 7th annual music festival is the first to be entirely acoustic.


Wysing Arts Centre’s annual music festival returns in 2016 with Wysing Polyphonic – the first to feature a fully acoustic line-up. No backing tracks, no laptops, no microphones, no speakers. Meaning “many voices”, Polyphonic sees the festival’s chosen musicians, poets and artists respond innovatively to these parameters completely a-technologically.

As Wysing’s exceptionally well-curated festivals are known for pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation, the all-acoustic spec sets a radical precedent. Much of what comprises the festival will be unique work developed for Wysing and its surroundings, and created in the context of the art centre’s overarching concept for the year Poly – taken from the word polytechnic. Last years festival took it’s unifying theme from The Multiverse, presenting a bill examining multiple identities and altered states. We had a great time, and you can find the review to prove it here.

Should you go in with any expectations, you’d be wise to anticipate improvised jazz, sound experiments, choral ensembles, whistling, spoken word and ancient instruments. A full line-up can be found below. You can check out director Donna Lynas’ blog here for a more in-depth look at some of the performers.

Adam Bohman / Barnaby Brown / David Toop / Evan Parker / Jennifer Walshe / Laura Cannell / Keiko Yamamoto / Pierre Berthet / Paul Purgas / Richard Dawson / Rie Nakajima / Secluded Bronte / Verity Susman

Adam Christensen / Andy Holden / David Blandy / Emma Smith / Florence Peake / Jenny Moore / Keef Winter / Larry Achiampong / Laura O’Neill / Natalie Price Hafslund / Sam Belinfante

Crispin Best / Linda Stupart / Megan Nolan / Rachel Benson

Early Bird tickets are available to buy here. Not to be missed.

Photo by Sylvain Deleu.

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