After a string of rambunctious, critically acclaimed singles, Oscar will release his hotly anticipated debut LP, Cut and Paste, will be released May 13th on Wichita Recordings.

Immersed in music right from the start of his life, both at home (his parents fronted the pop band, The Regents; his father went on to produce early Acid House records) as well as in the musical hotpot that was his native North West London, Cut and Paste is a heady melange of the many musical styles Oscar Scheller absorbed growing up. Overall, Cut and Paste is the sound of a new musical prodigy well and truly arriving, and a more than worthy addition to the lineage of eccentric, classic British pop.

With record due out in May and an appearance here in Cambridge this month (opening for Teleman) we decided to catch up with Oscar to discuss the debut record…

How has 2016 been treating you so far?
Very well I’d say!! I knew it would be a special year somehow!

You’re heading to Cambridge soon, how important is playing live for you?
Playing live is one of the most important things. It teaches you how to connect and communicate and live music is a very important and transcendental thing

At the time of writing your album ‘Cut and Paste’ is only a couple of weeks away from release, what is this pre-release time like for an artist?
It’s quite surreal because it’s been with me for so long. I’m just really excited for people to hear it and hopefully have a relationship with the music too! That’s the dream

Tell us everything we need to know about ‘Cut and Paste’…
It does what it says on the tin! It’s like a diary in a way, and each song feels different from the other but in the most fun way

What was the hardest track to finish on the record?

Hardest track to finish was probably Daffodil Days. That first recording had so much of it’s own sonic integrity it was really hard to accept it going through development.

How was the recording process for the album?
Very mixed. I recorded half of it at home over three years, and then the rest during Glastonbury weekend last year! Got to work with very talented and special people for it so I felt very lucky about that. It made the whole process really enjoyable. Challenging but rewarding 🙂

Is there a specific theme or concept running through most of the songs on ‘Cut and Paste?
I would say the theme is self-discovery through experience. A lot of the songs are love songs but not always about a love interest. More just love as a theme

Were the songs written specifically for the record or have they been knocking around for a while?
Nothing was specifically written for the record. It was all very naturally collected.

Are you constantly working on new ideas for new material or are you going to get all the debut album touring out the way before thinking about the next release?
I’m always working my way through new material that I’m constantly recording and developing! No rest for the wicked you see…

What has been the best moment of your career so far?
Probably getting to play around the world (especially America) and meeting so many interesting people!

How do you write a song?
It can start any which way, but I suppose the most simple answer is by finishing one

What influences your song writing?
Real life, love, reflecting on experience. It could be a great tune I hear that inspires me or even just going to a good gig

What has been a musical eye opener for you?
Jazz and Disco

What is something about Oscar that no one knows yet?
I really wanted to be an Egyptologist and convinced myself I was related to a Pharaoh

What next for Oscar?
Hopefully playing lots more shows. Playing on TV to make Mum proud!

Which band/act should we be excited about?
Kero Kero Bonito

Hypothetically you’re going to DJ a disco for us – whats your go to dance floor filler song?
Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You

Oscar ‘Cut and Paste’ is out May 13th
Oscar will play The Portland Arms on April 9th