Tellison and Muncie Girls play Cambridge – Photos

in photos Akuso and Grieving also feature on an awesome night at The Portland

Tellison returned to Cambridge on Monday night, Matt Thorpe was on hand to capture their packed out Portland Arms show…

Tellison (1)

Tellison (2)

Tellison (3)

Tellison (4)

Tellison (5)

Tellison (6)

Exeter punk trio Muncie Girls are on the road supporting Tellison…

Muncie Girls (1)

Muncie Girls (4)

Cambridge outfit Akuso also featured…
Akuso (1)

Akuso (2)

Akuso (3)

Akuso (4)

Cambridge newcomers Grieving got the night off to a great start in what was their second ever gig…
Grieving (1)

Grieving (2)

Grieving (4)

Grieving (3)

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