Cambridge Junction’s Spring Theatre & Dance season kicks off on Tuesday 16th February with The Money, a cross between a game and a theatrical performance. More info here.

The premise of The Money is simple: there is cash on the table and the players must unanimously decide how to spend it. Participants can decide to play as a Benefactor by donating at least £10, or a Silent Witness with the option to ‘buy in’ if they wish to have their voice heard. The Benefactors have 90 minutes to agree how the money must be spent or it rolls over to the next event.

The context specific event is taking place in Cambridge Guildhall, a historic site of civic decision making.

Created by Exeter based company, Kaleider, The Money has been described by theatre critic Matt Trueman as “the smartest piece of game-theatre” he’s encountered. Participants in the game, which has been played over 40 times across the U.K. (including the Houses of Parliament) have arrived at totally different outcomes each time.