On paper, they may look like your typical four-piece set up from the South East. Yet so far, Canons have performed numerous live dates across London, Brighton and Cambridge, steadily building momentum and their fan base.

They’ve been quick to get the ball rolling too, shooting into the studio at Valhalla Music Group in Cambridgeshire, with support from friend & producer Danny Lambert. Their E.P. ‘Transparent’ was released towards the end of 2015 (available on iTunes).

It’s difficult not to draw comparisons in music, ‘Give it Up’, certainly has the driving energy of Fall Out Boy, but I won’t sugar coat their sound much further. Cullip’s vocals are not as clean cut, they’re grungier and he has clearly had enough of having to explain his feelings. Listening to this opening track, you can easily picture an intense live performance.

‘Double or nothing’, opens with fast-paced funky guitars and electronic drum beats.
After minimal hesitation, in true CANONS style, the rest of the band launch into an impressive wall of noise. Drummer Ben Smith’s skill behind the kit can’t be ignored, as he endeavours to squeeze little fills into any space he can find, and yet somehow it all seems necessary.

‘Devils’ effortlessly showcases Steve Campbell’s unique vocal dynamic. His charming accent is a refreshing change from the usual transatlantic tones we hear every day. Gentle guitar signatures accompany this softer track, as it layers up into a strong chorus, and the emotion poured into this doesn’t need much amplification. Let’s just say this band know how to write choruses.

‘Transparent’ echoes in sonic sub-bass and bluesy guitar, as bassist Luke Hurst drives the crunching pace of the song. To focus on one line in particular ‘I’ll make you see a little clearer’ is memorable. Expect some audience participation at their upcoming gigs, with catchy hooks like this.

‘Scenarios’ guitar effects are clean and active with the slight shatter of distortion and plenty of anthemic reverb. The song concludes the EP with well-orchestrated delicate keys to slow down what is predominantly a fast passed, non-stop EP.

CANONS are heading out on their first UK tour in 2016 to promote their ‘Transparent’ EP. You can see them live in Cambridge this weekend with a free show at the Cambridge Corner House, Sunday 28th February.

Words from Thom Talibudeen