This week’s happy snapper is multi-disciplinary auteur Alex Kozobolis; filmmaker, musician and photographer. Baffling all known & accepted creative laws, Alex is a talent in all of these areas; his work most recently touched Cambridge at last month’s Romsey Art Festival film screening.


His artistic imagination is one of wonder, transfiguring everyday landscapes or scenes into emotionally resonant abstracts. This is an approach and aesthetic consistent across different mediums, creating a rarefied atmosphere his subjects live in like a natural habitat.

“The above photograph was taken underneath Southwold Pier in August 2012 using an iPhone. I approached the man very slowly so as not to disrupt his behaviour. Spontaneity and authenticity in photography mean a lot to me; I’m not interested in creating something that isn’t there, but rather in bringing to light (or capturing) that which is already there. I mean this both in terms of narrative and composition; I didn’t position the man, I positioned the frame around where he already was. I waited until his posture sat well within the context of the frame and then I pressed the shutter.”

You can find more of Alex’s work in various places. For a steady stream of increasingly intriguing images social media may be a good place to look, while a more comprehensive portfolio can be found on his website here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.