In a few short years, Splashh have surged through the British music-scape to an unprecedented amount of indie acclaim, making waves not only the UK, but globally, producing a multi-faceted sound identified with and tuned into by undercurrents around the world.

After finishing touring their debut album Comfort in the closing months of 2013, Splashh swapped their adopted homeland of London for New York City where they found solitude and started work on what is to be their second LP.

Recently returning to the UK, Splashh have finished their first single Pure Blue since their journey across the Atlantic. The single was self-produced and recorded in their London studio and mixed by Nicolas Verhnes (War On Drugs, Deerhunter). Pure Blue is the first taste of what is to come on what is an exciting new chapter for Splashh. When the band were in Cambridge the other week Sasha and Toto spared some time to chat to us about the new record…

How has 2015 been treating Splashh so far?
There’s been a dormant period book ended by activity on either side of the globe. We started the year in NYC writing the record and now back in London doing the shows.

We always wanna know this, what is the best song ever written?
This week it’s seabird by the alessi brothers 😉

You’ve just shared ‘Pure Blue’ and it is sounding ace, how much of an indication is the track of what to expect from your next album?
I would say it marks the transitional period between the old sound and what the new album may become… It’s definitely moving in a new direction.

How is work going on the new record and do you have a rough idea of when it will be released?
It’s going great. We’re aiming to go back to New York to finish the record hopefully with a release early next year.

What inspired the relocation to New York to work on the new record? Further, how (if at all) did the city inspire your songwriting/creativity?
We were feeling like we needed a change from London, the move to NYC injected new life and it’s where we found our two new members.

Was there anything you learned from ‘Comfort’ that you wanted to try and do differently on the new record?
To do a ‘studio’ record as comfort was recorded in Toto’s house through his computer – which was a little limiting, we wanted to explore working with more sounds and experimenting as a live band.

When did work start on the new record? Are you a band who are continuously thinking of ideas/writing or did you wait until the ‘Comfort’ touring was all done before thinking about the next album?
It’s been a continuous process of writing but it mostly started when we moved to NYC, we are always writing and thinking of new ideas and how we can make old ones sound fresher.

Talk us through Splashh’s creative process, what comes first lyrics or music?
For the most part it some chords some chords and a rough melody, lyrics come after. We build around it with synths, loops etc.

Have any tracks been particularly hard to finish, if so which ones and why?
There’s a new track called ‘Rings’ that has seen several changes.

What lyric do you wish you had written?

‘It’s better to burn out than to fade away’ – Neil Young

What else is coming up for Splashh in the not so distant future?
We have new video coming out for ‘Pure Blue’ next week then aim to be back in NYC to finish at the end of the year 🙂

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