WE WANT YOU TO WATCH comes fast and furious from the (dirty?) minds of RashDash, punk princesses of late night theatre. Raised in the National Theatre, the show takes an uncompromising look at pornography and poses the question: if we could obliterate it & start again what would the world be like?

As extreme pornography becomes easier to access, it’s a subject that radically affects our lives, our moral landscapes. The show intends to act as a catalyst for further discussion, opening the debate without ornamentation or timidity. At the same time it is a joyous, life-affirming performance; as much about music, dance and comedy as it is about raising questions.

“We hope it’s an exciting opportunity for audiences to come and engage with an important and urgent debate,” say Helen & Abbi of RashDash. “Whether you engage with it or not, pornography is shaping the world we all live in.”

A quick survey of reactions and reviews suggest the performance is divisive, both for its subject and format. Whether you engage with it or not, WE WANT YOU TO WATCH looks set to advance Cambridge Junction’s fine agenda of challenging, risk-taking theatre. Their UK Tour starts here September 16th – tickets.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.