What better way to soundtrack the Conservative Party’s economic policy than with the sounds of pure evil? # TORYCORE is the latest of many artistic responses to the austerity strategy. Part avant-garde metal gig and part political rally, the show is a verbatim reading of the 2015 Budget speech soundtracked by improvised doom metal. If you’re a shy Tory, this is going to be very uncomfortable for you.

More than mere novelty, this is an articulate show fueled by genuine rage – the sound of society having its guts torn out. It’s been described by Exuent Magazine as “galvanising, vital, disruptive work,” and like all good performance it’s about starting a conversation. This just happens to be a very very angry conversation.

The performance appears in Cambridge under the umbrella of 2015’s Festival of Ideas, whose mission this year is “question everything” with topics covering censorship, freesdom of speech, and the survival of the human race. #TORYCORE is free to attend – who would charge entry to a show about austerity? – and you can book your place on the Cambridge Junction website here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith