The Notebook Forced Entertainment_credit Hugo Glendinning

Do you know how hard it is to Google The Notebook without getting flooded with Ryan Gosling? Really hard. True to form, Wikipedia saves the day. Set in World War 2, Agota Kristof’s 1988 novel follows two child evacuees as they’re relocated to their grandmother’s farm.

As social outsiders the twins survive by amoral principles – they lie, they blackmail and kill by necessity – and as the war deepens, they’re slowly revealed as struggling moralists trying to live by a consistent ethical code in a Europe descending into cruelty and opportunism. Performers Richard Lowdon and Robin Arthur stand side-by-side and deliver their story, reading from the titular notebook in matching outfits. A compelling performance tied in moral knots and subversive, unsentimental humour.

The Notebook is directed by Tim Etchells and produced by the formidable talents at Forced Entertainment. It takes place on October 5th, 7:30pm at Cambridge Junction. You can purchase your advance tickets online here.

Image by Hugo Glenndinning.