The theatre and dance continues over at Cambridge Junction with new show Once Upon A Time, an impassioned performance about aging and maturation. Composed of two dancers and one trapeze artist, all over 65, the physical performance charts the three individuals’ stories and lives through their skin, their muscles and identity.

The show is inspired by Jean Amery’s On Aging: Revolt and Resignation though the book’s prevailing pessimism is transformed to joy; a poetic celebration of age and life. The work is provocative only because it shouldn’t be. Aging is inevitable, yet as a society we often fail to give voice to it; perhaps because our ideals of what beauty is encourage a certain amount of denial, of resistance. Director Agnieszka Blonska has said it’s incredibly important the story comes from the performers, and that through their personal experiences audiences may be able to divine more universal truthes.

The show is choreographed by Still House’s Dan Canham, a Hills Road graduate whose euphoric rooftop dance Of Riders & Running Horses recently opened Cambridge Junction’s autumn season. Once Upon a Time start it’s tour 7.30pm on September 23rd, and you can purchase tickets in advance here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.