This time round our weekly accolade honours mister Tim Knight, winner of the Hammer & Tongue Cambridge Regional Final. The thin white dude wooed his prize from the arms of fiercely talented competition, a veritable knife fight of verbal dexterity that made for excellent spectator sport.


The Regional Finals are the culmination of a whole season’s worth of slams, and each region submits their champion to the gladiatorial arena of Royal Albert Hall for a National Final. Speaking about the experience thus far Tim is gracious in his acceptance, blissfully unaware of the terrible burden of hope he now carries.

“I’m still in shock from performing at a sold out poetry gig in the centre of Cambridge – testament to the ongoing graft Fay Roberts has put in to making Hammer and Tongue the finest and kindest stage to perform on. Without an audience such as the one at J3 that evening, poets are just people in rooms telling no one how we feel about the world. If the popularity of poetry continues to grow then the turn out to this Hammer & Tongue final will seem insignificant to the audiences it will drag in.”

This photo was taken by Matt Widgery, whose frequent attendance at poetry slams has led to some of the scene’s most expressive images. Performance poetry can make perfect portrait material, every gesture & expression a comedy and tragedy all of its own. You can check out the whole event on Matt’s Facebook page here.

Words from Wesley Freeman-Smith.