After sleeping in guitar cases beside the stage and growing up immersed in the life of folk festivals whilst her parents performed, it’s no wonder Melody Causton has naturally taken to the music scene. Aged just 21, singer-songwriter Melody Causton has released her first EP, supported a number of respected folk acts such as Megson and has gained radio support from her local BBC introducing show. Melody has also now won ‘Best female solo artist’ at Cambridge’s NMG awards for the last two years running, and was the only artist this year to hold her title. With many exciting things also on the horizon for Melody with gigs and festivals lined up for the rest of the year she is looking forward to playing as much as she can whilst continuing to release her music. Ahead of her Homegrown appearance on Saturday, we find out a bit more about Melody…

What is the best word in the English dictionary?

How would you describe your sound to those unfamiliar with your music?
Acoustic, contemporary, organic folk…

What has been the best moment of being a musician so far?
The best moment was probably playing at Cambridge Folk Festival a few years ago, I’ve always loved the festival so playing in the club tent as part of Hitchin Folk club was an amazing experience for me and one of my first festival performances.

Who would you like to see cover a Melody Causton song?
Kate Rusby, just because she’s a huge inspiration

Who influences you as a musician?
As mentioned, Kate Rusby, but I also love people like First Aid Kit, The Willows, and Blair Dunlop. All these artists inspire and influence me due to lyrics, musicianship and song craft.

What is the greatest love song of all time?
Nat King Coles version of “That’s All” by Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes

As a singer-songwriter you started because…
I think it was natural for me to love to write as my parents were folk musicians. I started late and I am not quite sure when or how I actually first started, but i’ve always been so inspired by lyrics and music, so I guess it’s a lot down to being brought up on the folk scene.

Could you ever swap genres?
I don’t think so, I love to merge the more acoustic side to my music with folk and wouldn’t say I am traditional folk, but I love the community of the scene so much I wouldn’t want to leave it.

As a musician what is the worse question to be asked?
I don’t know, maybe this question!… feeling pretty lost for an answer!

Yeah… but what is the answer to that question?
Ok so really, I struggle when I am asked “who did I listen to growing up?” …But only because it’s embarrassing and I usually end up confessing my all time love for the Spice Girls.


What’s the greatest LP of all time?
I’ll change my answer to this question every time I’m asked because it’s too hard to choose, but at the moment I would say the Bears Den Islands Vinyl LP, just because I can’t stop listening to it, and love the raw vocals and rich instrumentation ideas

If you weren’t Melody Causton, why would you like listening to Melody Causton’s music?
Oh no, how do I answer this?! I try to always write about things that anyone can connect to in some way, whether they can relate to the words or just connect to the story? This could be an answer to this but I may also refer back to your hardest question to be asked here! (this could be my new one).

What’s a lyric you’ll never get enough of?
“Hello love, my invincible friend” – from Ben Howard ‘I Forget Where We Were’. So simple but I loved it when I first heard it, the idea of love being invincible.

What inspires your writing?
Anything and everything, I wrote so many of my songs commuting to uni or sat in coffee shops just absorbing the world around me. So maybe people watching could answer this!

The Cambridge music scene would be better if…
I love the cambridge music scene, I’ve always felt welcome but maybe if it was better advertised? I am sure theres still so many music nights I don’t yet know about…

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why?
Kate Rusby, because she was my first folk influence as a child, and I love her stage presence and watching how she holds a room and silences an audience.

What is something about Melody Causton that no one knows yet?
I’m planning to do a series of live original songs around christmas time this year to get my youtube channel properly started…

What next for Melody Causton?
Enjoying the rest of the summer and festival season! I love festivals and spending my summer playing and listening. But after this i’m hoping to soon release my second EP.

Which band/act should we be excited about?
Luke Jackson, if you’re not already! Blown away by his vocals every time. Or Kelly Oliver, an amazing local talent!

Hypothetically you’re going to DJ a disco for us, what is your go to dancefloor filler track?
Tricky, I’ll probably resort back to something Spice Girls here.. everyone loved them didn’t they?